Precooked meats and traditional Italian classics such as cotechino and zampone. For food importers and distributors seeking authentic Italian flavours


The authentic Italian taste. Ready in minutes

Stays fresh out of the fridge for 12 to 18 months, then fast and easy to prepare: simply heat and serve. Discover a wide variety of artisan meats for all tastes.

Pork shanks

Pork shanks prepared to our own herb, curry, balsamic vinegar, and beer recipes.

Red and white meats

Precooked veal, lamb, duck, turkey, chicken, and pork in a range of packaging from cardboard envelopes to aluminium wraps.

Our precooked specialities mean one thing less to worry about. Actually, make that four

For 65 years we have offered our customers four key benefits.


Long conservation and simple warehousing

Our products are prepared and packed to last for 12 to 24 months out of the fridge. Minimize refrigeration costs, optimize warehouse turnover, and make life that little bit simpler any scale.


Italian quality and certified safety

Specialized butchers are trained in our own, historic laboratory, where artisan quality and authentic traditions blend with the latest production processes.


Creative versatility

We also prepare meats in a range of own recipes. Discover unlimited possibilities ready in minutes, heated in a microwave, hot water, or the oven.


Customized packaging

We can tailor packaging to your specific requirements, from aluminium wrapping to cardboard envelopes. We even take care of the design.

An exceptional taste. For everyday life

From the heart of Italy’s Food Valley to tables, shelves, and food stalls all over the world.

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Our certifications. Your guarantee

Uncompromising standards in safety, quality, and provenance.

BRC e IFS 2009

The benchmark in food safety and quality for the International Mass Market Retail sector.

IGP 2001

Authentic provenance from a protected region.

AIC 2009

Officially certified by the Associazione Italiana Celiachia (Italian Coeliac Association).

CCPB 2004

Biological and eco-sustainable provenance.

Filiera 100% Italia 2018

Made in Italy – guaranteed.

An historic artisan at the heart of the Modena countryside

From artisan production to industrial evolution: the story of a traditional family-run company.


An Italian company based in the historic centre of pork production. And a 23-year-old girl who overnight found herself at the head of her father-in-law's cured meat factory.

From that first day, Luisa began to bring her vision alive. Integrating innovation with tradition, she started an evolution that would propel an artisan business into a global brand, yet always guided by the same proud family values.

A focus on uncompromising quality. Constant innovation. And five-star customer service. It’s an effective recipe for success that has enabled Salumificio Vecchi to conquer new markets from provincial shopkeepers to the great circuits of the hospitality, mass market retail, and food industries - both in Italy and overseas.

Feast your eyes on the products of Modena tradition

Cotechino, zampone, sausages, fresh mincemeat, coppa di testa. The essential ingredients for Sundays and feast days in the Bel Paese.


Italian tradition

Zampone and cotechino are two types of pork sausage typically enjoyed at Christmas and New Year. Simple to prepare, these high quality classics are available uncooked or precooked and in various formats, weights, and recipes. This is pork processed as it used to be for a genuine taste of Italian tradition.


Fresh meats

Coppa di testa is a proud symbol of Salumificio Vecchi history and identity. Hand processed and bound, this traditional charcuterie is made from pig's head, cheek, and neck, as well as sausage and fresh mincemeat. The authentic flavors are rich in taste but light on the stomach. A treat from the heart of Emilia.

Spotlight on cotechino and zampone


What are zampone and cotechino?

These two sausages are made for feast days, with tasty fillings of pork and spices.

The difference lies in the casing: pig's trotter for zampone and simple gut for cotechino.


How do you cook them?

Immerse the aluminised bag in water, bring to the boil, and simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the wrapper, drain, and serve with a side dish such as lentils, beans, or fresh vegetables.

Remove the packaging, prick the casings, cover with water, bring to the boil, then gently simmer: one hour for cotechino and at least three hours for zampone.


What do you serve them with?

A must-have at Christmas and New Year's Eve served with stewed lentils.

At other times, you can set your imagination free. Why not try stewed beans, potato purée, sautéed cabbage, or fried polenta? Any other ideas?


When do you eat them?

These sausages are traditionally eaten at the beginning of the New Year to bring prosperity.

The custom arises from the old peasant practice of slaughtering a pig in December to guarantee meat for the following year.

Looking for the authentic Made in Italy taste?

Masters of cured meat since 1957, we supply the hospitality, mass retail, food & wine, and meat production and distribution sectors.


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